The 2019 Spatial Data Science Symposium came to a close today.  The symposium took place over two and a half days at the Upham Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara, California.  The event brought together 40 invited participants from academia, industry, and government to discuss “setting the spatial data science agenda.”  The program involved 5 keynote presentations, 2 breakout sessions of 6 groups, and a spatial data science convergence session, not to mention the social events and excellent discussions over lunches, happy hours, and coffee breaks.

As a co-organizer of the symposium, my opinion is quite biased, but I thought the event was a success.  Fantastic discussions were had and we left with a more rounded view of the topic/field.  I hope that we get to continue this series in future years and invite a wider range of participants from even more varied backgrounds.

More information on the symposium is available on the SDSS2019 website.

A random collection of tweets from the event: