The Platial Analysis Lab is a research group based out of McGill University at the intersection of urban informatics, behavioural geography, and information science. As the name suggests, the Platial Analysis Lab pulls apart the concept of place, taking a data-driven and behavioural approach to understanding the dimensions that contribute to how we understand and explain the world around us.

The research topics of our members range considerably, but current efforts focus on:

•  Urban and spatial data science
•  Human activity patterns and trajectory analysis
•  Location privacy and security
•  Geographic knowledge representation
•  Analytical and behavioural geographic science
•  Neighbourhood and vague regional boundary delineation
•  Shared micro-mobility services

For all Lab related inquiries please contact Professor Grant McKenzie at grant.mckenzie@mcgill.ca.

The Platial Analysis Lab is supported through funding from the following sources.

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