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Laval introduces shared e-scooters after controversial Montreal experiment

Global News Montreal | Grant McKenzie | Aug. 01, 2023

Grant McKenzie was interviewed about the re-introduction of e-scooters onto Quebec roads.


E-scooter pilot project will slide onto the streets of Saskatoon in April

CBC Blue Sky Radio | Daniel Romm | Nov. 24, 2022

Daniel Romm joined the radio program to answer questions from listeners regarding a new e-scooter pilot project in Saskatoon.

Safety concerns surrounding e-scooter use in Quebec

CBC Radio Noon | Daniel Romm | August 19, 2022

Daniel Romm recently joined CBC Radio Noon Montreal to discuss safety issues related to e-scooter usage.

With coronavirus containment efforts, what are the privacy rights of patients?

The Conversation | Zhang, H. | March 13, 2020

As an epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, China has launched an unprecedented effort to control the disease, locking down Wuhan in the province of Hubei — a megacity of 11 million people…

Do e-scooters actually reduce traffic congestion in cities?

The Globe and Mail | Tchir, J. | December 4, 2019

“In the first month, there wasn’t much usage in the early morning and evenings,” says Grant McKenzie, an assistant professor in the department of Geography at McGill University…

Does Seattle’s dockless system offer a glimpse of the future of bike-sharing?

The Globe and Mail | Tchir, J | November 6, 2019

“…going dockless will be the direction in the future,” says Grant McKenzie, assistant professor in the department of geography at McGill University. “But I think we’ll be seeing more public-private partnerships – cities need to be able to support maintenance and policing, which is what these commercial companies haven’t been able to do.”

Why an image problem is slowing e-scooter rollout in Canada

CBC National News | Daigle, T. | September 7, 2019

Still, “it hasn’t really turned out to be the scooter-pocalypse we imagined,” said Grant McKenzie, a geography professor at McGill University who specializes in spatial data science.

TV – News piece on e-scooters across Canada

CBC’s The National | Daigle,T. | September 5, 2019

Are e-scooters here to stay – or will they roll on once summer’s gone?

CBC Radio Noon Montreal | Ugolini, R. | August 15, 2019

“We want to make sure we understand what kinds of data these companies are collecting on their users and to make sure that the City has access to any data collected by these companies…”

Electric scooters hit the streets of Montreal

CityNews Montreal | Rozwadowski, K. | August 13, 2019

“…options like BIXI…people know that they can rely on it, it has been around for a long time… when they see a company like Lime, it appears to be a bit of a ‘fly-by’ technology.”

Electric scooters hit the streets of Montreal

Get ready to glide: E-scooter service launches in Montreal

CTV News Montreal | Grillo, M. | August 12, 2019

“Introducing a new mode of transportation, electric-assist vehicles,… is actually going to shake things up a little bit…. These are used more for short trips, less as a solution to the last mile problem.”

Montrealers are trying Uber’s new bikeshare program, but it hasn’t got the jump on Bixi

CBC News Montreal | MacFarlane, J. | August 2, 2019

McGill geography professor Grant McKenzie has been scraping publicly available data since Jump’s launch at the end of June. Using that information, he’s produced estimates of where and how often the bikes are being ridden.

Uber’s e-bikes not affecting Bixi’s business

CityNews Montreal | Rubertucci, A. | August 2, 2019

“One of the things about new technology, is that people are willing to try it and see how it goes, but they are not really willing to change their entire commute behavior until they’ve seen the system be around for a while.”

Jump’s first month in Montreal

CBC News Montreal | Wood, N. | August 1, 2019

The results of the analysis we published on our Lab’s Webpage were cited.

In D.C. and Shanghai, hints at Montreal’s shared bike and scooter future

CBC News Montreal | MacFarlane, J. | July 8, 2019

McGill University geography Prof. Grant McKenzie, who uses data to study how people move around, said “there are lessons to be learned” from other cities, though differences in culture and infrastructure mean comparisons only go so far.

E-scooters make debut in Montreal

CBC Daybreak Montreal | MacLellan, A. | July 8, 2019

“This is going to involve a learning curve for any citizen or city official in bringing these into a city…”

Scooter-share coming to Montreal

CTV News Afternoon (National Cable) | van der Heyden, T. | July 5, 2019

Live remote interview on the future of scooter-share services in Montreal. I provided commentary on how I think citizens will respond to the influx of these vehicles.

How Montreal is preparing for the ‘scooter-pocalypse’

CBC News Montreal | MacFarlane, J. | July 4, 2019

The sudden appearance of e-scooters in a city is a phenomenon McGill University geography Prof. Grant McKenzie half-jokingly refers to as the “scooter-pocalypse.” McKenzie says Montrealers tend to like new technology and green policies, but he suspects the early days of the e-scooter era won’t be easy.


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