• Assistant Professor

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    Grant McKenzie is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. He holds a PhD in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2015), a Master of Applied Science degree from the University of Melbourne (2008) and a Bachelors in Geography from the University of British Columbia (2002). Dr. McKenzie’s research interests lie in spatio-temporal data analysis, geovisualization, place-based analytics and the intersection of information technologies and society. Currently, he is exploring computational, data-driven models of human behavior, taking a multi-dimensional approach to investigating the relationship between place & space and the activities people carry out at those places. The foundation of this research involves working with large geosocial, user-contributed and authoritative datasets, exploiting and visualizing spatial, temporal and thematic signatures within the data. These signatures are employ through unique methods and statistical models for the development of effective interactive (desktop and mobile) geovisualization, place-based prediction models and knowledge discovery applications.

  • Affiliated Student (PhD)

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    Myeong is a Ph.D. candidate studying information science at the University of Maryland at College Park. His research interests are in understanding the dynamics of cities, local groups, and local information inequality by making use of computational methods and social theories. He also designs and implements systems that demonstrate geographically-embedded structures of information and associated issues. He is a Junior Fellow at the Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information (CASCI), a research network in the iSchool; also, he is a Data Science & Technology Fellow at The Center for Open Data Enterprise, a non-profit that advocates for open data movements, where he led the development of the Open Data Impact Map in 2016. He was a co-founder and Director of Software Development of Torooc Inc., an emotional robot start-up based in South Korea. Myeong earned a BS in Electrical Engineering (2009) and MS in Software Engineering (2011) from Seoul National University in South Korea; also, he holds a Master of Information Management degree from the UMD iSchool (2014).

  • Affiliated Student (PhD)

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    Zheng Liu is a PhD student in the Department of Geographical Sciences at University of Maryland, College Park. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geographical Information Science from Peking University (2017). As a PhD student, he has worked with Dr. McKenzie on research related to place-based analytics and spatio-temporal data analysis. He was trained in analyzing multiple aspects of Volunteered Geographical Information(VGI) and fostered interest in areas like place-text analysis and spatio-temporal data analysis. While staying at University of Maryland, he will keep exploring the value of VGI big data and human-dimensional GIS.