We are pleased to announce that we were just awarded a grant from the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative Innovation Fund to further explore the environmental impact of micromobility services in Canada.

More details in the abstract below:

Assessing the environmental impact of urban micro-mobility services
Prof. Grant McKenzie, Department of Geography
The influx of micromobility services, such as dockless scooter-share and e-bikes, in many cities are contributing to a substantial change in urban transportation. The rapid arrival of these services, however, has left little time for city regulators and citizens to assess the environmental impact of these services and compare them to existing transportation options. In this project we will develop and widely disseminate a survey to both users and non-users of micromobility services across Canada. Given the results of this survey, and vehicle emission data, we will calculate the actual environmental (GHG) impact of these new services on urban centres across Canada.

A full list of funded projects can be viewed through the link below.  Thanks very much to MSSI!