Docked vs. Dockless Bike-sharing: Contrasting Spatiotemporal Patterns

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


The 10th International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Schloss Dagstuhl, Melbourne, Australia (2018)



bicycle, bike-share, dockless, spatiotemporal patterns, transportation


U.S. urban centers are currently experiencing explosive growth in commercial dockless bike-sharing services. Tens of thousands of bikes have shown up across the country in recent months providing limited time for municipal governments to set regulations or assess their impact on government-funded dock-based bike-sharing programs. Washington, D.C. offers an unprecedented opportunity to examine the activity patterns of both docked and dockless bike-sharing services given the history of bike-sharing in the city and the recent availability of dockless bike data. This work presents an exploratory step in understanding how dockless bike-sharing services are being used within a city and the ways in which the activity patterns differ from traditional dock station-based programs.