This platform was developed to allow users to compare countries and regions across different community mobility place types. This is for informational purposes only and no actual on-the-ground decisions should be made based on these data. All the data for this project was downloaded from Google's COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

Click on a country name to view sub regions (e.g., States, Provinces). The first row under the country name is an average of all available sub regions within the country. Click one of the icons to view the respective data on the graph. The icon will turn blue. Click it again to turn it off.

Retail & Recreation (e.g., restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, museums, and movie theaters)
Grocery & Pharmacy (e.g., grocery markets, farmers markets, drug stores,and pharmacies)
Parks (e.g., national parks,public beaches, marinas, dog parks, plazas,and public gardens)
Transit Stations (e.g., public transporthubs such as subway, bus, and train stations)
Turn on/off all categories for the region

Missing Data
In some cases, data for some country sub regions are missing. The PDF files provide details on this, but typically it is due to sparsity in the available mobile data and/or a concern for user privacy.

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